Efficient finishing: using single-image applications and continuous designs

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Efficient finishing: using single-image applications and continuous designs

Efficient, sustainable, and economically viable: The KURZ DISTORUN® cold transfer module reduces costs and conserves resources without having to compromise on design. The film-saving unit, which can be used to create single-image and continuous designs, enables the reuse of free surfaces on transfer products that have already been processed.

Easy expansion for label finishing on flexographic printing lines

DISTORUN® by KURZ opens up completely new possibilities. In contrast to conventional cold transfer modules, the stand-alone transfer unit can both save transfer products and enable single-image applications on flexographic printing machines. DISTORUN® is a compact, stand-alone, build-on transfer unit that operates independently of the control system of the flexographic printing machine. The module is placed on the rail system of an existing machine and follows the printing speed. This enables efficient application of continuous and single-image designs.

"Efficiency and flexibility are essential for the competitiveness of our customers on the market. Our DISTORUN® transfer device fulfills both criteria completely."

Jochen Wening, Head of Sales and Project Management, Business Area Machines and Applications Security Field at KURZ

In addition to standard designs, KURZ’s innovative single-image application technology also ensures full flexibility in individual label design. For example, the breathtaking and brilliant TRUSTSEAL® SFX 3D effects from KURZ can be used to create distinctive, customer-specific designs with striking metallization.

Focus on efficiency and sustainability

As a pioneer in the field of surface finishing, KURZ also places great importance on sustainability with DISTORUN®. The cold transfer module is equipped with state-of-the-art servo control and sensor technology, and specially designed software enables individual positioning so that individual transfer images can be precisely arranged. The free surfaces of the already processed transfer product can therefore be used for further finishing passes. As each roll is used efficiently several times, less waste is generated and consumables are used more sparingly. In this way, the sustainability balance of print products can be optimized with the KURZ foil-saving system.

"With DISTORUN®, we enable brilliant finishing that also fulfills sustainability requirements."

Jochen Wening, Head of Sales and Project Management, Business Area Machines and Applications Security Field at KURZ

"Using free space on already processed transfer products enables our customers to save valuable consumables and to benefit from highly efficient, resource-conserving further processing."

The advantages of the DISTORUN® cold transfer unit at a glance:

  • Cost-effective saving of transfer products
  • Transfer products can be reused and retain their perfect fit
  • For single-image and continuous designs
  • No machine modifications necessary
  • Synchronized with the flexographic printing machine
  • Different positionings possible on the flexographic printing machine
  • Foil tension control during unwinding and winding
  • Available dimensions: 330 mm, 420 mm, and 520 mm width for one, two or three film webs

Further information on the KURZ cold transfer module can be found on the DISTORUN® info page.


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