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OROFIN – Where innovation is a tradition

Welcome to OROFIN – our magazine for everyone involved with KURZ – whether you’re a customer, a partner, interested or just curious. We’re glad you’re here.


Sometimes an idea is far more than idea. It marks the beginning of something big. In a situation like that, a new development has the effect of a starting gun. Everything that comes afterwards is somehow related – you can trace it back to this moment of origin. Even when things constantly seem to be shifting in entirely new directions. When Konrad Kurz applied for a patent in the early 1930s for something named OROFIN – the very first hot stamping foil to be cathode-sputtered with real gold – that was one of those shots from a starting gun. Gold leaf, still painstakingly hand-crafted at the time, thus became usable for a great many new applications. And de facto, the former KURZ goldbeating operation founded an entirely new branch of industry.

Changing times and new departures – from a craft shop to an industry

Gold leaf led to KURZ’s first innovation in 1930
Gold leaf led to KURZ’s first innovation in 1930

Today, we’d call it innovation. Back then – just as things do today – it all began with a big idea, developed with a great deal of perseverance and a great deal of knowledge. Not to mention a knack for making the right decision at the right time. It’s what Konrad Kurz – the grandfather of KURZ’s current top managers Walter and Peter Kurz – did with OROFIN. And he was well aware of the importance of what he’d developed.

That product was not just KURZ’s first successful international brand – it made the company an innovation driver. And the company changed fundamentally. That too has become an extremely important source of momentum at KURZ – facing up to changes with full awareness, knowing one’s energy resources, and putting them systematically to use. Without this initial impulse, the step from a goldbeating shop to the rise of the decor industry would have been inconceivable. In other words, the OROFIN name has built a bridge from yesterday to today, and onward to tomorrow. And then as now, our path has always kept to that bridge – now perhaps more than ever.

Inform, involve, inspire – that’s the plan

The decision from back then has long been history. But it has inspired us to name this magazine after it. Translated literally, OROFIN means ‘fine gold.’ And we mean not least of all for it to express a special value – and also to show time and time again how essential ideas and innovations are in giving rise to our solutions, products and values. And how they still connect with incredibly exciting stories that are definitely worth telling – from all the many sectors and industries, countries and regions where KURZ operates today. And of course, also about the people at KURZ.

So, you’re sure to come across topics that exactly suit your line of interest or decision-making domain. But you’ll also discover things new and hitherto entirely unknown, as well as a few surprises. So, stay tuned, and stay curious!


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