Multifunctional packaging design: A feast for the eyes and the stomach

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Multifunctional packaging design: A feast for the eyes and the stomach

Imagine elegant packaging encasing a very special bottle of sparkling wine. Imagine, this packaging is decoratively finished with exciting color effects and metallized details. Imagine lifting the champagne bottle out of the packaging, hearing the ice cubes jingle, and the ice-cold sparkling wine sparkling in your glass. Find out here how this innovative, multifunctional cooling packaging from the PrintCity Alliance was designed and implemented.

How can packaging be more than just a pretty cover? How can branded products be packaged in order to achieve real added value for the end customer? One answer to these questions is the multifunctional, high-quality sparkling wine packaging for Kessler Sekt, which was designed to be stable and extremely attractive thanks to cold transfer, hot embossing, and a varnish coating.

Alliance for outstanding packaging concepts

The multifunctional packaging combines a sales-boosting effect at the point of sale with the practical highlight of cooling a bottle. The innovative project was presented by the PrintCity Alliance for the first time at the UV Days 2023. The UV Days take place every two years at the headquarters of the mechanical engineering company IST METZ in Nürtingen and are a meeting place for the international printing industry. A big stage for small packaging that can be presented with pride.


PrintCity is an alliance of global players in the packaging industry that pool their outstanding expertise to realize extraordinary projects. Several powerful companies were involved in the production and finishing of the packaging. Initially, the cardboard was printed and finished at Estermann Druck in Austria via high-quality UV offset. After the color printing, the outside was partially printed with matte varnish and soft-touch varnish, before being provided with high-gloss spot varnish accents using UV screen printing. The PrintCity Alliance relies on LEONHARD KURZ as a competent and strong partner. The highlight of the finishing is the embossing of the Kessler logo with LIGHT LINE® Frost Select and ALUFIN®, as well as the finishing of the holographic Benz & Co. logo with KURZ hot-stamping technology.

Step-by-step to the finished packaging

For the inside of the packaging, a second printed sheet was given a metallic finish using cold transfer and overprinted with an exciting matte black color gradient. The exciting alternation of brilliant gloss and matte surfaces is not only a visual eye-catcher but also improves the mechanical resistance of the packaging. In order to increase the stability of the cardboard, both sheets were laminated on top of each other with the grain running in opposite directions.


Beauty and functionality go hand in hand: The additional cooler insert in the packaging was produced separately by Spiegel Verpackung. The barrier board material used for this was printed in UV offset and coated with a clear varnish to make the cooler insert waterproof. So, just add ice cubes and the packaging is no longer just beautiful to look at but also provides real added value.


The packaging was further finished and packed at GERO in Forchheim. A hot-stamped label for the co-branding of PrintCity and Benz & Co. with rotative micro-embossing was produced by Küchler Etiketten.

Decorated yet recyclable – cheers!

This unique project thrives on the synergy effects of the companies involved. The focus was always on co-branding and the idea of sustainability. When the decorated presentation and cooling packaging has served its purpose and the last bit of the cold sparkling wine has been drunk, the packaging can easily be returned to the recycling cycle. Despite the finishing and coating, the packaging is fully recyclable.


Would you like to find out more about finishing technologies and innovative packaging concepts? Here you can find more information about KURZ’s hot stamping process and the PrintCity Alliance projects.

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