From old to new

Our plastic solution for more sustainability
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From old to new

Our plastic solution for more sustainability

At this year's Fakuma, KURZ was once again able to impress with an absolute innovation in the plastics industry: A recycled plastic granulate suitable for finishing. Read this article to discover how to set a good example for the industry.

As an expert in innovative plastic surface solutions, LEONHARD KURZ has added the development of future-proof, sustainable solutions to its own priority list in order to tackle climate change, the greatest challenge of our time. At Fakuma 2021, we teamed up with our partner DECKERFORM Group and our subsidiaries BAIER and H+M to present our answer to the question of what contribution KURZ can make to greater sustainability: The unique recycled material RECOPOUND®. KURZ takes on a pioneering role, as it is the first company in the industry to produce its own plastic granulate from waste PET carrier material.

KURZ presents...

The well-attended live demonstrations at Fakuma included the production process of an everyday product, where it was shown how the use of recycled materials can be combined with effective decoration and thus become an attractive alternative for manufacturers. Interested parties were eager to follow the process of creating a watering can from RECOPOUND®. After the injection molding process, which is combined with foam technology and thus benefits from the lowest possible material usage, visitors were able to choose between different motifs and transfer products for finishing using a BAIER hot-stamping machine. Our company slogan ‘Making every product unique’ and our sustainability theme ‘Be a green leader’ were available to choose from.

Design for Recycling: Environmentally friendly and aesthetic

As part of the ‘lifecycle thinking’ at KURZ, RECOPOUND® was developed as a recycled compound based on PET waste. As a construction material, it can be used for robust plastic products in a wide range of industries. The resulting recycled pellets are the result of RECOSYS®, the unique return and recycling system for PET transfer carriers in the industry, which remain as recyclable material after decoration. These transfer carriers are processed in a particularly efficient process and fed back into the utilization cycle in the form of RECOPOUND® pellets. 

Like many other plastics, components made from RECOPOUND® can also be finished with KURZ plastic decorations. In addition to saving fossil fuels, the use of the recycled material can also reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40%. Another plus is that KURZ decorations have little influence on the recyclability of the component.

Would you like to join us on our journey to a more sustainable industry? Then order your personal samples by emailing to see the advantages of our RECOPOUND® recycled material for yourself.

Would you like to find out how you, too, can use our new RECOPOUND® material in your products? You can find further information on our website at and in the Expert Talk on the subject of sustainability.

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