Eye-catchers on a broad front: futuristic front panel designs

Look into the future of Mobility Exterior Designs
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Eye-catchers on a broad front: futuristic front panel designs

Look into the future of Mobility Exterior Designs

What will the next generation of vehicles look like? The KURZ Visionary Design Team is addressing this question with innovative design studies. Driving features of the future, such as e-mobility and autonomous driving, are key factors in Intelligent Vehicle Design, but they also pose major challenges to all preliminary designs. This is especially true for radiator grill design – the calling card of modern vehicles. With creative style elements and studies, KURZ is giving fresh impetus to Business Area Plastic. Trendsetting in the truest sense, because the futuristic designs are not only uniquely shaped, but also enable visual communication with other motorists by using custom animations, from turn-signal and light effects to personalized video. Here we present the latest front designs from the KURZ Visionary Design Team.

Automotive Brand Contest 2020: the award for Iconic Space Grill

Outstanding design – progressive, bold, creative. KURZ's Iconic Space Grill has won the Automotive Brand Contest 2020 for Automotive Exterior Front Panel in the category “Future, Mobility and Parts”. It's no accident, since the KURZ Visionary Design Team brings together movers, shakers, lateral thinkers, and gifted designers – and this is evident in the concepts. The design blueprints combine groundbreaking visions and trending topics to set new aesthetic standards. KURZ is once again blazing new trails in the field of panel design. KURZ front decorations have paved the way for filigree, partial chrome designs. In other words, the chrome radiator grill that we know and love today. Still! But the new concepts coming from the Visionary Design Team herald a new age in front design.


A different chip off the old block: front panel Holy Wood

Inspired by the 'Woodies' of the 50s and 60s, the wooden look of this front panel is the link between present and future. Reinterpretation of organic materials is one of the coming trends. The dual design allows for almost flowing transition between wood look and modern light effects for communicating with other motorists. The secret is in the Two Face Design.  Backlighting makes the wooden surface highly customizable. Drivers can give a very personal touch to their vehicle with their own logos, images and animations.


Shine bright like a diamond: front panel Diamonds

Modern, noble, innovative – with this futuristic design study vehicles have, in the truest sense, a bright future ahead of them. The 3D-print design combines recessed and raised diamond textures into an artistic mosaic. The fine spaces between them are just large enough to allow the LED backlighting to shine through. Its colored light effects enable communication with other motorists when indicating or braking, for instance. A real bright spot. The effect is supported by the transparent hologram design of the interspace decoration. This front is, therefore, both eye-catching and highly functional.


An ocean of options: front panel Deepsea

This design will literally make waves, with distinctive contrasts and effects. Especially striking is that the surface itself actually makes waves, to which the PU flooding adds enormous depth and luster.
The light-blue stripe that cuts through the component is a sight to behold. It breaks the light like an ice crystal. Little wonder as the design was inspired by icebergs drifting in the ocean. Thanks to the fluorescent light elements, this front panel appears to be more three-dimensional than it actually is. Ideal for the impressive and elegantly lit staging of branding elements like logos. Backlighting accentuates depth effects and layers even more to lend front panels a one-of-a-kind texture. The semitransparent central stripe not only provides for fascinating light effects, but also signal effects for communicating in traffic.


Quick-change artist made of metal: front panel Metal Motion

This design study has a very special Wow effect up its sleeve – unexpected, surprising, interactive. The modern, brushed metal look makes for lively design options. The front consists of a matte, metallized surface. By interacting with a hidden camera, it uses custom messages, images and logos for creative outward communication. Video Motion turns the surroundings into a design effect. For instance, approaching viewers suddenly see an image of themselves on the front.


Pure delight in design: IMD PUR technology

Pure futuristic style – made possible by the new IMD PUR technology, an innovative solution from KURZ. The front panel is decorated in the IMD process and then coated with PUR (polyurethane). Remarkable, complex designs and sophisticated shapes are created with ease. An accomplished merging of surface and light design; for instance, the front can be backlit for dramatic night designs. Another benefit of the bond with PUR is the resultant high durability. The surface shrugs off stone-chipping and scratches because thanks to PUR, it is self-healing!


Reflected views in KURZ Showroom

Copy: Experience the future close up. At the KURZ Showroom visitors enjoy a spectacular display of mirrors – the perfect setting for the futuristic design studies. All front designs in this article can be seen in the Showroom. Find more information and design studies from the KURZ Visionary Design Team at www.visionary.design

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