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Simply luxurious

Clear, almost purist, focused on the essentials, graceful, and elegant: SILVER LINE® opens up new dimensions. The LEONHARD KURZ finishing line stands for luxury and high-quality, plus subtle elegance that impresses customers at the POS.

SILVER LINE® captivates with silver-metallic effects that are a symbol of luxury and esthetics, paired with fascinating 3D effects - and is therefore right on trend. “In our graphics department, we are constantly working on developing new visual designs that are increasingly being used to create a striking visual effect at the POS and differentiate the products,” explains Sabrina Durastante, Product Manager at LEONHARD KURZ. “With SILVER LINE®, the diffractive effects are simply different, more elegant, and more understated than the sparkling rainbow effects, and definitely more glamorous and luxurious for high-end products when it comes to creating esthetics,” says Durastante. “With the silver-metallic look of SILVER LINE®, KURZ is once again meeting the rapidly changing demands of the market. The new 3D finish gives product packaging an elegant, high-quality look that is less playful than our existing LIGHT LINE® design.”

The epitome of style and elegance

Unlike the successful KURZ LIGHT LINE®, which is known for sparkling, rainbow-colored movement effects and a luxurious diamond look, the new finishing line, which premiered at last year’s LUXE PACK Monaco, focuses on pure, clear elegance. Fascinating diffractive effects offer completely new possibilities for packaging and label design. The combination of different shades of gray with fascinating textures and structures, which blend harmoniously and esthetically into a luxurious cohesive whole, creates exciting contrasts and perspectives. It doesn’t always have to be a broad color palette that impresses. On the contrary: “What makes SILVER LINE® so special is the extraordinary optical depth with unique movement and contrast effects created by the three-dimensionality. The interplay of diffractive effects and reflective surfaces gives premium products a very stylish and effective finish. The finish can be applied to the entire surface of the packaging or to a section with finely textured and glossy details without detracting from the appearance,” says Sabrina Durastante, describing the benefits of the new SILVER LINE®. The formulations can also be transferred using hot stamping, cold transfer, or digital printing processes, and integrated into existing systems. This is another big plus for processors, who can do without complex machine changeovers and enjoy reliable application results.

The epitome of luxury: The new KURZ SILVER LINE®.

Creative diversity, huge market

But KURZ doesn't just guarantee high quality and impressive effects at the POS but also accepts responsibility for sustainability. This is why SILVER LINE®, which can be realized in all KURZ LIGHT LINE® formulations, also impresses with a dry, low-emission evaporation process in which the carrier materials are only coated with the necessary amount of material. During the transfer process, only the water-based decorative lacquer layer is transferred before the PET carrier is removed. In this way, no plastic film remains on the end product.

The outlook for the future is optimistic. “We have only just started to explore what’s possible with SILVER LINE®. We are already thinking about integrating further effects, such as a natural look. Thanks to the wide range of possibilities offered by SILVER LINE®, the application markets for luxury 3D are constantly expanding - from premium cosmetics to luxury packaging for watches, spirits, or consumer electronics,” says Sabrina Durastante. Whether paper, cardboard, plastic, tubes, mascaras, lipsticks, or glass bottles - there are no limits to applications and imagination. “And we can respond flexibly to requests at any time,” says the product manager.

Everything you need to know about the new KURZ SILVER LINE® is also available online: SILVER LINE® - KURZ Graphics.

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