Don’t lose the thread - with KURZ THREADS

New security threads for banknotes with KINEGRAM® technology
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Don’t lose the thread - with KURZ THREADS

New security threads for banknotes with KINEGRAM® technology

KURZ is already known for its pioneering role in the development of security solutions for banknotes. This technical know-how, which has been accumulated over many years, has now been incorporated into the latest addition to our portfolio of solutions: KURZ THREADS.

Although offering security threads is a novelty for KURZ, the same expertise that is behind our surface-applied security features also forms the basis for our new product, KURZ THREADS. Their production and composition are quite similar.

The same goes for the purpose of these features – all security solutions are designed to be easily recognizable owing to their striking appearance, and their ability to facilitate the authentication of banknotes.

Thanks to our unique proprietary KINEGRAM® technology, exceptional effects can be created on banknotes that cannot be produced with any other production technology on the market. The KINEGRAM® effects are also immediately recognizable to the inexperienced eye and allow intuitive verification – and this includes the innovative KURZ THREADS.

What are security threads?

Security threads are metallized stripes up to 6 mm wide, which are incorporated into the paper substrate. They are already worked into the paper mass during substrate production.

KURZ focuses on the optimized version of the security threads in the form of window security threads, which are exposed in sections by partially reducing the paper thickness, as with watermarks. In addition to the visually visible information, KURZ THREADS can also contain magnetic machine-readable elements or UV-luminescent features.


Changed requirements ...

Over the past few years, surface-applied security features have become wider and window areas on banknotes larger, requiring more and more detailed designs and effects.

KINEGRAM® security stripes over polymer windows on the new British pound banknotes

KINEGRAM® technology offers a wide range of different effects that even work on the small surfaces of a window security thread. A thread can thus be a valuable addition to a superficially applied stripe or patch and offers additional options for designing the ‘character’ of a banknote series. It also facilitates the integration of the design, linking banknote design, security thread, and superficial security features.

Sample note ‘The Inspiring Tales’ with a registered stripe and a KURZ THREAD – both with KINEGRAM COLORS® technology

... Require new solutions

With our pioneering KURZ THREADS product line, we want to open up new perspectives for the security and design of banknotes. As a stand-alone solution, our security threads combine:

  • The unique KINEGRAM® FLUX effect for clearly visible movement in different directions, left and right, diagonally or as a circular zoom effect,
  • KINEGRAM COLORS® for a design in several colors and color combinations with partial metallization, including within a security thread

May we introduce ...

KURZ THREADS was introduced as part of the online event ‘KURZ THREADS – A New Paradigm in Banknote Security’, hosted in cooperation with Reconnaissance.

In this video, Peter Mühlfelder explains why our new KURZ THREADS stand out in the market.

Security from all angles

In its second solution for security threads, KURZ THREADS with KINEGRAM® COSMIC, KURZ combines the unique optical KINEGRAM® effects with the attractive COSMIC technology.

KURZ THREADS with KINEGRAM® COSMIC offers a wide range of unmistakable color changes and brilliant motion effects. Like a chameleon, the diffractive security threads change from one color to another. Both effects are achieved by slightly tilting the banknote.
A small hand movement is all it takes to check the moving, color-changing, security thread.

With optically variable effects and customer-specific demetallization, we take up the classic color shift again by appealing to users with aesthetically appealing color change effects in combination with movement, and at the same time increasing complexity for counterfeiters.


The sophisticated combination of KURZ THREADS and a KINEGRAM® patch or stripe applied on the surface offers an ideal opportunity to maximize counterfeiting protection and aesthetic appeal.

Watch this video for more information about our innovative solution, KURZ THREADS with KINEGRAM® COSMIC:

Would you like to know more about our role in the banknote sector? Click here for our article ‘Digital Design, Tangible Security’ and visit our website If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.


KURZ is an independent supplier of surface-applied foil and security threads to banknote printers and papermakers.

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